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The film drew comparisons to Mamoru Hosoda's previous works on Digimon, as well as drawing comparisons to Toy Story 3.[18][44][43][19][45] Polygon stated, "Like Toy Story 3, Kizuna goes for a bittersweet conclusion that waves goodbye to childhood while suggesting that eventually, we all learn to find a balance between our responsibilities and our desires...Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna manages to be the best addition to the Digimon franchise since Mamoru Hosoda was at the helm. Its references to previous franchise installments, its surprising cameos, and its emotional story all help put a bow on 20 years of adventures, while providing a nice returning point for fans who may have skipped the underwhelming Tri series of films." IGN stated, "The hallmarks of Mamoru Hosoda (who directed the first Digimon movie along with a number of short films) are still in play, with simple yet creative visual distinctions between the digital world and in the real world, clean red lines used to draw characters while moving about the former, sometimes flattening their coloring as the space around them changes. The conclusion recalls the likes of Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, as a film that trusts its audience to be able to let go, though here with a more definitive and perhaps even more heart-wrenching finality."

Download Digimon Adventure Movie

Part 2 of tri somehow turns infected monsters taking over the world into a slice of life drama. The main conflict in this part isn't really even about the infected digimon and more about problems in the group of humans, while this is an important part of digimon they focus on it a little too much and not enough on the digimon. This movie does serve to make part 3 more impact, when watched together.

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