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A man convictedof rape and diagnosed with paraphilia (sexual attraction to non-consentingwomen) was civilly committed to a treatment center as a Sexually ViolentPerson. He sued the facility's officials and clinical staff for violationof his First Amendment constitutional rights in restricting their accessto movies and video games. The facility barred them from watching all R-ratedmovies or play M(mature)-rated video games displaying intense violence,blood and gore, sexual content, or "strong language." Subsequently,the policy was altered to only prohibit 353 specified movies and 232 specificgames. When the facility later discovered that at least two residents hadused a video game console to access the Internet for the purpose of viewingprohibited content, all such consoles capable of accessing the Internetwere also prohibited. A federal appeals court ruled that the record wasinsufficient to show that the ban on movies and video games was reasonablyrelated to the state's interest in rehabilitation and security. The courtalso found that a bare assertion that the ban on all sexual material promotedtreatment was insufficient to support granting summary judgment for thedefendants on the First Amendment claim. The court did agree, however,that the ban on video game consoles capable of accessing the Internet wasrationally related to the facility's interest in security. Brownv. Phillips, #14-3325, 2015 U.S. App. Lexis 16346 (7th Cir.).

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A new sex education textbook has been causing a stir in China the past few weeks. The book, which will be given to 6-to-12-year-olds as a trial, shows naked bodies and includes passages which some consider graphic, or worse, pornographic. These images are coupled with passages such as, "Dad inserts his penis into Mom's vagina at full tilt and the sperm enters Mom's vagina." This book may be too mature for kids, considering it's too mature for The Week. 041b061a72

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