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My Horse Farm Welcome To Trotterville Download Fixed

This is an ideal game for girls who want to learn more about the details and workings of a horse farm. You learn how to manage a farm, breed horses and get involved in many other important activities.

My horse farm welcome to trotterville download

Tags: Horse breeding, Horse competitions, Horse farm, Riding. (function(d, s, id) var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); (document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));DescriptionAdditional InformationVideoReviews (4)Learn How to Run a Horse FarmYou can get involved in learning how to run a horse farm in this game. In this game, you take care of horses and learn how to ride them on trails, bridle paths and on obstacle courses. You can also breed your horses and then grow your farm with breeding pastures and more stables in order to provide room for your horses. Then you can sell your horses and buy new ones and other accessories you may need in running your horse farm. Your goal is to make your horses world-class champions and manage your money wisely.

Mein Pferdehof 2 is a stable management simulation. There is no real story apart from inheriting the horse farm with the task to build it up again. You start with one horse and you earn money by breeding and selling horses, housing guests, and winning tournaments. The game is round-based, you decide when you've finished with a round and manually start a new round. Starting a new round will affect horse stats like hunger or exercise.

The game's art style is mostly 2D with an attempt of realistic textures / 3D-looking horse models. They kept the design concept of the prequel, but changed the graphics.There is a farm overview and a town overview, from which you can enter the different locations. There's no open world, you navigate by mouse (mostly) within a menu button area, except in riding mode, when you control the horse via keyboard in a 3D environment.The game saves automatically after every action you do. Nothing gets lost and you can not return to a former savepoint.

There are two overview maps - one for your horse farm and one for the town.On the horse farm overview, you can access the stable, office building, and breeding pasture; other parcels can not be entered, but you can buy parcels, upgrade or demolish buildings from this menu. These parcels are a parking lot, a guest house, a pasture, a watering station, a training parcours, a round pen, an indoor riding arena, and a couple of fields to grow grain.

A horse has a lifespan of ??? rounds.A foal reaches yearling stage at 12 rounds of age, and is an adult at 24 rounds.You can breed your horses for most of their lifespan, until they are ??? rounds old. After that, a horse will stay with you until it's ??? rounds of age, then you get notified that it's moving to a retirement farm and it disappears fom your game.

A foal stays in its mother's stall from age 0 (birth round) to age 11.You can not feed it yet, it gets fed by its mother. You need to groom it and build trust by petting it.At age 12, it becomes a yearling requiring its own stall. You now have to feed your horse, but can not saddle or ride it yet. If you don't have an empty stall, your young horse will end up in the pasture (not visible on the farm overview, but it exists) until you have a stall for it.At age 24, your yearling is a grown up horse and you can train and breed them.

Running a horse farm costs money. The in-game currency is called Credits.You have to manage your finances well enough so they balance out with the costs of running a horse farm. Every round, you lose or gain a little bit of money. Every 6th round, it's pay day and you get a finance notification that tells you whether you've made financial losses or profits. In random (?) intervals, you might also get a notification to pay taxes or other bills.It makes sense to think about which buildings you really need, as each has maintenance costs. If you want to upgrade a building, you need to upgrade your office building to a certain level, too.You can earn money by selling horses and having guests staying in your guest house, taking care of boarding horses, as well as winning tournaments. In the office building, you can access different features like statistics, hiring staff (riding instructors, stable hands, and horse trainers), or place ads for more guests.

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