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Floris Evolved Vs Floris Expanded

***** Those features are on top of floris_expanded features, for full feature list you may wish to check Floris_Expanded modificaiton feature list & Battle_Time modification list.* Fixed Battle_Time (Ability to host the Singleplayer battles in Multiplayer, essentially enabling Co-Op, and many MORE possibilities, battle-time has its own feature list which is not listed here, features list can be obtained from its taleworlds thread* Custom Animations* Custom Rebalancing* Custom shaders (graphics)* Tons of bug fixes extending from SP to Multiplayer* Focus on multiplayer aspect of battle_time, while making the SP (Single Player) better at the same time.* Body Sliding (Switch to party companion or troop on death, now after dying you can still help during the battle!* And tons of other features!

Floris Evolved Vs Floris Expanded

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