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Strum GS-2: The Ultimate Guitar Plug-in for 2021

Strum GS-2: The Ultimate Guitar Plug-in for 2021

If you are looking for a realistic and versatile guitar plug-in for your music production, you should check out Strum GS-2 by Applied Acoustics Systems. Strum GS-2 is a plug-in that lets you play acoustic and electric guitars on your keyboard with ease and realism. You can choose from hundreds of presets, customize your sound with amp and effects, and use the automatic chord recognition and voicing to create authentic guitar parts.

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Strum GS-2 features elaborate modeling of the vibrations of the strings, pick or finger action, the body of the guitar, pickups, a two-channel amplifier, speaker cabinet, spring reverb and various effects. Strum GS-2 also includes many functionalities that make it easy to reproduce the playing techniques of a guitarist on a keyboard. You can trigger down and upstrokes, scratches and mutes, create picking patterns using the special strumming and arpeggio keys, or use the vast collection of recorded strumming patterns over the chords you play[^2^].

Strum GS-2 is compatible with VST, AU, AAX, RTAS and standalone formats. It works with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. You can download a fully functional trial version for 15 days from the Applied Acoustics Systems website[^1^]. You can also watch video tutorials to learn more about the interface and features of Strum GS-2[^3^].

Whether you need a nylon or steel string acoustic guitar, a single coil or humbucker electric guitar, a clean or distorted sound, Strum GS-2 can deliver it with realism and expression. Strum GS-2 is the ultimate guitar plug-in for 2021 that will take your music to the next level.

One of the advantages of Strum GS-2 is that it allows you to play guitar on your keyboard without having to learn complex chord shapes or fingerings. Strum GS-2 recognizes the chords you play on the keyboard and automatically maps them onto the fretboard. The chord library includes basic and extended chords available in open, movable, power chord, or drop voicings. You can also edit the chord voicings to suit your preference or create your own custom chords.

Another benefit of Strum GS-2 is that it gives you control over the dynamics and expression of your guitar performance. You can adjust the velocity response, the strumming speed, the palm muting, the string damping, and the pick position. You can also use the pitch and modulation wheels to bend notes, add vibrato, or control the volume. Strum GS-2 also supports MIDI aftertouch and polyphonic key pressure for extra expressivity.

Finally, Strum GS-2 offers you a wide range of sound customization options. You can mix and match different acoustic and electric guitar models, change the tuning, add capo, or use alternate tunings. You can also tweak the tone and character of your guitar sound with the two-channel amplifier, the speaker cabinet emulation, the spring reverb, and the effects such as chorus, delay, phaser, flanger, distortion, and wah-wah. You can save your settings as presets or use the factory presets as starting points. e0e6b7cb5c

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