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Kerbal Space Program Making History Update V1 4 3-PLAZA Update

But then the design got much better, and I started seeing other cool ways he could play with it. So we decided to take the model to a new, higher level. Now we have (what we think is) the highest quality model of a rocket stage in Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program Making History Update v1 4 3-PLAZA Update

But we don't just want to get Kerbalkind closer to the stars, we want to let more people have the awesome experience of Kerbal Space Program. That's why we've also decided to go open source. This means anyone can build their own Kerbal Space Program and play with the same tools and knowledge as us.

Kerbal Space Program was not originally intended to be an open source project. In the early days of development, we felt a strong ethical commitment to our users who had bought KSP. We wanted to make the game so great that they would happily buy it again when they were ready, and we wanted to encourage them to do so by offering them the best game.

kerbal space program features three gameplay modes. in science mode, perform space experiments to unlock new technology and advance the knowledge of kerbalkind. in career mode, oversee every aspect of the space program, including construction, strategy, funding, upgrades, and more. in sandbox, you are free to build any spacecraft you can think of, with all parts and technology in the game.

in the three years since kerbal space program officially launched on steam, daniel 'shadowzone' has spent a cumulative 166 days playing it. that kind of streak feels right at home in the endless multiplayer battles of dota 2 or mmos like world of warcraft.

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