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Kosingas - Red Zmaja: A Serbian Epic Fantasy Novel by Aleksandar Tešić

Kosingas - Red Zmaja: A Serbian Epic Fantasy Novel by Aleksandar TeÅiÄ

If you are looking for a book that can be called the Serbian version of "The Lord of the Rings", you might want to check out Kosingas - Red Zmaja by Aleksandar TeÅiÄ. This is the first book in the Kosingas series, which follows the adventures of Monah Gavrilo, a monk and a knight of the Order of the Dragon, and Marko KraljeviÄ, a legendary hero of Serbian folklore.

The book is set in medieval Serbia, where the two protagonists meet and embark on a quest across the land. Their first task is to defeat a dragon on the Lake of the Wandering Island and thus obtain Marko's famous mace. Along the way, they encounter various mythical creatures, some friendly and some hostile, as well as villages where people practice strange and often cruel customs. They also learn about the ancient Slavic gods, the spread of Christianity, and the history of their people.

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The book is rich in details and research, as the author has spent years exploring and studying the traditions and past of Serbia. He also provides stunning illustrations from Gavrilo's notebook, which add to the atmosphere and authenticity of the story. The book is a treasure trove of Serbian mythology and culture, as well as an exciting and engaging fantasy adventure that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

You can find Kosingas - Red Zmaja on Amazon or Goodreads[^1^] [^2^], where it has received high ratings and positive reviews from many readers. You can also read more about the author and his other books on his website or Facebook page.

Kosingas - Red Zmaja is the first book in a trilogy that spans eight volumes, each one focusing on a different aspect of the Serbian epic fantasy world. The second book, Kosingas - Bezdanj, follows the journey of Gavrilo and Marko as they descend into the underworld to face the hordes of Hades. The third book, Kosingas - Smrtovanje, concludes the trilogy with a climactic battle on the eve of the Battle of Kosovo, where the fate of Serbia and the world will be decided.

The trilogy also has a spin-off book, Kosingas - NeispriÄane priÄe, which contains short stories and novellas that expand on the characters and events of the main series. The author has also written a sequel series, which consists of four books so far: Kosingas - Kroz oganj i vodu, Kosingas - Onaj Åto nauÄi mrak da sija, Kosingas - BuÄenje Svarogovo 1. deo, and Kosingas - BuÄenje Svarogovo 2. deo. These books continue the saga of Gavrilo and Marko as they face new enemies and challenges in the aftermath of the Battle of Kosovo.

The Kosingas series is a unique and original blend of history, mythology, and fantasy, that draws inspiration from the rich and diverse heritage of Serbia and other Slavic cultures. The author has created a vivid and immersive world, populated by memorable characters, thrilling action scenes, and surprising twists. The series is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy, who are looking for something different and refreshing. 29c81ba772

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